Howth Cliffs Post Wedding Shoot
howth cliffs

Howth Cliffs Post Wedding Shoot

Ever wondered what a post wedding shoot is all about? Then look no further for inspiration with these two rockstars Roisin and Chris!

A post wedding shoot is a great idea if there is a place that is really special to you both and that you know wouldn’t be possible to go to on the day of your wedding, in terms of travel, time or missing your reception etc. It is a great option too if the weather isn’t what you wanted for your day and probably the only other chance you’ll get to dress up in all your wedding finery one last time…..what’s not to love?!!

Roisin and Chris’s wedding was at Ballybeg the month before the shoot and it was the ultimate party (blog post to follow very soon) so they nearly weren’t going to go ahead with this shoot as they were so happy with their images already but I’m so glad they did!

Howth Cliffs have a special place in their hearts, so we hiked are way through the lesser known paths up the cliffs for this really fun shoot and even though sunset wasn’t exactly what we expected we go 5 minutes of glorious sun coming through the clouds and it made the shoot! It was definitely one of those exciting giddy moments as a photographer when I seen the sun coming one!

And to top off the whole thing they got into the sea! What a pair of legends!

More shoots like this please!!

Lou xx

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